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      SB Recycling Machinery's Philosophy is to provide parts and equipment which are fit for purpose, that represent the most cost effective solutions available to the Scrap Metal and Recycling Industries.

      Mistra Recycling Equipment

      Mistra supply a wide range of equipment used in the Scrap Metal Recycling and Recovery industries. ?Mistra offer high quality 'standard' machinery as well as being able to manufacture bespoke or special purpose machines depending on customers specific requirements.

      The standard range of machinery includes Alligator shears in the Kajman range, with blade lengths from 200mm to 1000mm long. ?

      Mistra also manufacture the Kajman Automatic shears which can be uplifted and easily moved around your site or indeed to another site. ?

      If you dont see exactly what you want or need a handling solution around a standard machine, please feel free to contact us. ?All machines come with a 12 month warranty


      Kajman Automatic 300 & 700 Shears

      Kajman 200 Alligator Shears

      Mistra Kajman 200 Alligator Shear


      NEW...NEW...NEW... The Mistra kajman 200 Alligator Shear was officially launched on the UK & Ireland market at RWM2015 at the NEC in Birmingham. ?Since it’s launch, this versatile little shear, has been continually improved. It is offered at a price of £3750 + VAT.? If you want further information about the Kajman 200 Alligator Shear or indeed any of the full range of Alligator shears offered by Mistra, or if you want to have a demonstration of the Kajman 200.? Call Steve on 07833 232 004?

      Kajman 300L, 400, 450L, 600, 800 & 1000 Alligator Shears.

      Mistra Eagle Tyre Debeading Machine.

      Mistra Automatic rail Breaking Machine.


      Suppliers of:?Alligator Shears, Butti srl Fork mounted brooms, Battery Powered Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Cable Strippers, Non-Ferrous Balers, Ferrous Balers, Shear Balers, Cable Granulation Machines & Systems,? Wet Separation Systems, Container Tilters, Rotary Shears, Rail Braking Machines, Pre-Shredders, Waste Shedders, Scrap Shredders,?Wear Parts, Secondary Aluminium Melting Solutions, Dust Suppression Equipment, Demolition equipment including Shears, Pulverizers, hammers and grabs.


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