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      Fuel Tank 'Mole' Drill

      Green Car Fuel Tank ’Mole’ Drill
      With or without quality control.


      The Complete Fuel Extraction Tool.?Now available with Additional Integral Quality Control.
      Perfectly suited to scrap yards both big and small and specifically designed to comply with?all environmental requirements.

      It’s a simple design makes it easy to use and is themost efficient fuel?extraction tool?on?the market today.


      Powered by air, it uses innovative boring technology to avoid any ignition source.?
      Housed within a tough flexible rubber gaiter, the boring cone drills the tank, then recoils.

      Technical Date??????
      Head Weight 8Kg
      Total Weight 31.5Kg
      Head Weight QC 9.5Kg
      Total?Weight QC 33kG
      ? ?
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