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      Catalytic Conveter Cutter

      Green Car Eco Blade Cutter


      At last a purpose built machine that works.
      Tough enough to deal with removing high volumes of exhausts.
      The hydraulic?'Eco Blade' uses a high tensile steel heat treated blade, to slice through the hardest of exhausts.
      The design eliminates blade jamming caused by rust and debris.
      a specifically designed hydraulic cylinder is housed in an aluminum housing.
      Controls are uniquley placed on the housing of the body, giving easier and?safer control with both hands never leaving the tool during operation.
      The hydraulic pack comes with it's own robust wheeled cabinet.?Spare parts and blades are a fraction of the cost compared to other cutters, therefore running costs are low. This machine will prove indispensable.?

      *Head Weight - 12Kg

      *Power Supply - 240v

      Weber Cutters


      The RS130 Catalytic Converter Cutter complete with hydraulic power pack.

      Technical details

      *Cutting Power: 480KN

      *Nominal Pressure: 630/700 bar

      *Maximum cutting Diameter: 130mm

      *Cutter Weight: 13.9 KG

      The RSX105 is a specifically designed cutter for recycling and dismantling operation. Easy to use and mobile it includes:

      Technical details

      *Cutting Power: 282KN

      *Nominal Pressure: 700 Bar

      *Maximum Cutting Diameter: 105mm

      *Cutter Weight: 9.3KG

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