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      Side Tip Preparation Stand


      Using well proven ramp technology the side tip is an invaluable aid to car dismantling. Specifically designed to help reduce the dismantling times of end of life vehicles, the Green Car Side Tip allows ease of access to the underside of vehicles so they can be worked on efficiently and safely.
      Catalytic converters, batteries, wheel and tyres can be removed quickly with minimum effort.
      • ???Can reduce dismantling time by 70%
      • ???Static to horizontal in less than a minute
      • ???5 ton lifting capacity
      • ???5 ton lifting capacity
      • ???Speeds & simplifies the dismantling operation
      • ???Vehicle underside presented at waste height?
      • ???No working on vehicles overhead, no falling debris
      • ???Engines, Batteries, Wheels, Cats all removed with ease, safely??
      Lift Capacity 5 ton
      Working area (mm) 1800x3400 fully extended
      Weight (Kg) 800?
      Hydraulic Power Pack Three phase or single phase?
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